How we use our Intelligent Content Cloud to promote our own business.

Today I am going to show you how we create our own outbound sales PDFs using our Intelligent Content Cloud.

I have a bunch of contacts that I think will like our new sales tool, so I wanted to create a short ebook to help them understand how it works and how it could fit in with their sales process. The ebook we’ve written gives some example uses of the types of document that can be created and used in their next campaign.

I wanted to personalise this for the prospect with their name and company details, and go one step further and brand the document so it showed their logo and corporate colours — increasing impact.

Here is the personalised PDF for an imaginary prospect at FedEx.

Personalised Sales PDF


As you can see it is fully branded with the FedEx colours and logo. It also includes some personalisation to the prospect.

If I were a sales guy in a big organisation it would be tough for me to create this. My list of key accounts would likely all get the same content, but here I have a piece of content that’s personal and much more engaging. It looks like it might have taken a while to create too, but due to the magic of our Intelligent Content Cloud this document took me less than a minute to create.

All I need to do is complete a simple form with a few fields. Click Save and a PDF is dynamically created for me. All processing is done in the cloud and a finished PDF is sent back to me instantly.

Imagine a team of sales people all creating personalised, individual content on-the-fly for every prospect!

I’ve prepared a short screencast for you to show you exactly how it works.

The beauty is that it can be created anywhere, on a phone, iPad or laptop. We can also create documents from a database or spreadsheet all at once. Content can change depending on industry sector, company size etc. Each prospect gets a personalised document that’s created just for them — all with just a few clicks.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can create content like this for your sales team please contact us to schedule a demo.