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How we helped Achilles make their content more personal.

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Achilles wanted to create a piece of content that was highly relevant to their audience. By analysing over 300 companies they created a way to benchmark any company against the industry average. They had been developing a website survey to collect the data. What they needed was a way to take this data and display it to the user in an elegant format.

That’s where Matizmo came in.

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Because our platform can connect with any data source we could plug directly into Achilles own website application. This connection meant that Achilles needed no additional hardware or software to create the final content piece. It could be all handled in real-time in the cloud.

When a user completes the online survey the resulting data is sent to our cloud-based ICE (Intelligent Content Engine). ICE then selects the corresponding paragraphs, graphics and elements and dynamically builds a PDF file using a base template that we designed. The resulting PDF file is created in real-time and is unique for everyone. A link is then sent to this file to the user by email.

The whole process takes place in just a few seconds.

“Personalising content in this way is a great way to engage with our audience. It has given us customer interactions that were very relevant within our target.”

Andrea Giardina, Product Marketing, Achilles

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