5 companies rocking it with content personalisation right now

Content personalisation and marketing personalisation are real buzz phrases right now with a large influx of interest in this area, but out of all the players, which companies out there are really rocking it? We’ve collated five products that we think B2B marketers should take a look at. We’ve included a range of applications specifically focussed on B2B content marketeers.


Elevator pitch: Demandbase is a marketing technology company focused on B2B advertising and website personalization.

Demandbase have a strong website personalisation service, but it’s their advertising product that I like the most. Specifically for B2B marketeers, it allows you to target your key accounts with display ads around the web. Couple this with clever re-targeting that targets companies that matter most to your business, and this will eliminate wasteful ads and really help you to aim directly at your target contact list.





Elevator pitch: Helping marketers master the art and science of digital marketing by driving technology innovation and expertise for tomorrow.

Of course any B2B marketeer worth their salt will have heard of Marketo, but maybe not so much about their personalisation options. They offer a comprehensive suite of personalisation tools focussed on providing personalisation across all channels. I particularly like their dialogue boxes and widgets that can promote certain content based on visitor source and IP reverse-lookup. It allows businesses to promote specific content to a specific audience.





Elevator pitch: Create one-to-one content that’s more engaging, improves lead quality and reduces your content overhead with Matizmo’s personalisation platform.

(Full disclaimer: I am the founder of Matizmo)

Matizmo makes your content relevant to everyone with their one-to-one content personalisation. Purely focussed on personalising the final deliverable — e.g. the downloaded PDF — their platform dynamically renders content on the fly, based on user interaction. Their platform integrates with the website and landing pages you already use — meaning you don’t need to change anything to gain the benefits of personalised digital downloads. Obviously, as a founder, I would recommend any and every B2B content marketeer to take a look!

Personalised Content




Elevator pitch: We increase customer engagement & conversion with relevant, personalized content experiences.

Idio is an interesting member of my top 10. It has positioned itself as more of a platform to deliver content personalisation across channels. Heavily focussed on automated recommendations and personalisation, they have a real big data attitude to content marketing. Their integration with Salesforce is also a useful addition. They look like a great team too with investment from Notion Capital.





Elevator pitch: Idomoo Video Cloud unleashes the power of Personalized Video generated in real time on a massive scale turning all forms of communications to be more relevant.

Personalised video is clearly a very attractive method for engaging with B2B customers. Idomoo’s video engine is cloud-based and can integrate with CRM data and CSV data to create personalised video on the fly. It’s a very exciting area of marketing personalisation and Idomoo seems to be at the top of their game. Its definitely a technology worth looking into for any B2B content marketeer.

Personalised video




So, as you can see, there are plenty of options out there for B2B marketeers to embrace content personalisation. Let me know in the comments if you have any other great examples.