10 Tips to Supercharge your Landing Pages

Supercharge your landing pages

1. Relevance works

Make sure your content is focused and relevant to the product or service you want to sell and resist the urge to write LOTS. Keep it to a minimum. That way the page is uncluttered and allows your visitors to get to the “take out” easily.

2. Pay off the promise of the advert

There was something in the advert that you placed that made the visitor want to click. Therefore you have to pay that faith off by ensuring that the page they have come to see is what was promised.

3. Have a clear call to action

It may sound simple but the call to action is often lost in the content. What do you want your visitors to do when they reach your site? Do you want them to ask for a quote? Sign up to a newsletter? Buy a product? Pull the call to action out so that they do just that.

4. Block escape routes

The temptation, now that visitors are on your site, is to direct them to different parts of it to showcase your company. Whatever you do, resist it. By ensuring that the only way off the page is either by leaving or by taking the call to action, you will get a lot more people taking the call to action thus improving conversion rates.

5. Get your key points and call to action above the page fold

Again, this is sales 101 but it has to be done. You want a visitor to know immediately what your product or service is about and what you want them to do with the information. Keeping it above the fold of the page means that all the information they need to see is presented to them as soon as they enter the site – they need not scroll or click further into your site to get it.

6. Make sure your page loads quickly

There is nothing worse that clicking on something that looks interesting only to have to wait ten, fifteen seconds for it to load. By that time you will have lost a customer.

7. Keep photos, images and rotating/flashing banners to a minimum

This ties in with number six. The main way to ensure that the page loads quickly is to keep your photos and flash to a minimum. It also stops the page being too cluttered.

8. Use quotes, case studies and testimonials

Nothing says “This product or service is safe” than glowing testimonials from named past clients. This works especially well if you operate in a niche. Landing on a site and seeing your competitor give someone a recommendation is going to get your visitors curious.

9. Forget about SEO

SEO has been drilled into us as a must do for the last ten years and it is still a very valuable exercise to complete. However, forget about it when it comes to your landing page. Write it, design it and publish it wholly for the visitor not the search engines.

10. Make the headline IMPACTFUL

The first thing your visitor will see is your headline. Make it count. It should be short, sweet and must pass the “Ronseal” test. IE does it do what it says on the tin.

BONUS! Give them something extra!

OK, so it’s not quite 10 tips for effective landing pages, but that is the point. If your visitor has signed up and taken that call to action, thank them! Make sure you have a good thank you page with links to further content and information. It is only fair that you reward them for doing what you wanted them to do.